Sunday, October 26, 2003

ACCURACY IN THE SUN: You'll recall The Sun - and especially its "political editor" (a role akin to being the Business Correspondent on The Dandy) Trevor Kavanagh - took a very stern line with the BBC during the Hutton process. And as such, we can only conclude that the paper has decided, at some point in the last few months, to abandon its traditional stance of 'comment is sacred; facts are bendy' and to try and become something approaching a paper of record. As such, we're sure they'll be rushing forward at some point to explain how it is their quote from Beyonce on the Spears/Madonna kiss has turned out to be totally made up. The Sun reported her as saying "I have standards. There are things I will not do. I knew it was going to happen from rehearsals, but it was still a shock when they did it." Curiously, Beyonce seems more worried that this makes her look homophobic - which, erm, it doesn't - than the fact it makes her look incredibly stupid (artists do something they've rehearsed, and she's shocked?). The homophobic charge would only stack up if you assumed that she meant kissing women was wrong, rather than the more plausible interpretation that she thought giving a desperate publicity whore like madonna a shin-up into the limelight was disgusting and kinda icky.

But that doesn't really matter much anyway, since Beyonce's manager and father says she never said any such thing - her actual words, he says, were "I would never do that, but I thought it was a great performance." They're mulling taking The Sun to court.

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