Monday, October 27, 2003

GOOD NEWS FOR DAVID BECKHAM: So, the Sunday Mirror claims that David is furrowing brow because he thinks that Posh is getting too close to Damon Dash. David, sweetness, if you're romancing someone, you don't go round telling people that they're shit at singing. We're starting to get confused with this whole thing - telstar brings in dash, dash says posh is rubbish, telstar won't pay dash, beckham thinks posh is doing it with mrs beckham, but dash is yakking away to all and basically ridiculing Victoria to within an inch of her waistline - is that the story arc? The highlight of the ananova report is that Telstar are apparently desperate to steer Victoria back to a 'pop' route - yes, because its not like her inability to sing and relatively advanced years is going to leave her a figure of total ridicule if she pitches back up onto The Saturday Show with a pop single, is it? Did these people learn nothing from the Emma Bunton debacle?

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