Monday, October 27, 2003

BOXTOPS: So, we asked Nestle last week about the future role Cheryl Tweedy would be taking in the Box Tops For Education campaign, in light of her stealing lollies and punching people in the face. We got a brief reply from the company of a "we'll get back to you" nature, but since then, nothing. It seems that Nestle are happy to have Tweedy's participation in the scheme though (maybe she'd make an interesting case study for Citizenship classes?), as they're still enthusing about the Girls on the Boxtops website:

[...]Second single 'No Good Advice' was a response to critics and meddling do-gooders, and turned the Girls' story several notches louder. It was the perfect successor to a single like 'Sound Of The Underground' - brassy, breathless, defiant and iconic, a scathing manifesto of self-determination and one in the eye for anybody who doubted the group would pull off two hits in a row.

They might want to lose the phrase "one in the eye" considering, of course, that's where the jury decided Cheryl had actually landed her fists in the nightclub worker's face.

And while they're closer as a group, those who've known the girls since last autumn's auditions will attest that, even with a global hit under their belt and several more on the horizon, the five girls have barely changed at all.

This might benefit from being rewritten, too, since it could be read as implying Cheryl's always been a bit likely to go off at the drop of a hat - whereas we're sure she said in court that the pressures of showbiz had been a strain on her, didn't she?

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