Wednesday, October 29, 2003

... AND JUSTICE FOR ALL: John Feldmann, from Goldfinger, has gotten himself somehow suspected of ALF vandalism and wound up on Celebrity Justice. The press release for his appearance on the show reports:

Goldfinger front man and animal rights activist John Feldmann and his wife Amy, were featured on the syndicated television show, Celebrity Justice, last week.
 The segment dealt with an incident that occurred on October 3rd, when the couple's Los Angeles area home was raided by over 30 law enforcement officials after they were falsely suspected of taking part in an act of vandalism against the home of Jerry Greenwalt, the General Manager for the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services. The Feldmann's home was searched for over three hours.
Greenwalt has been targeted by animal activists in the past several months. More information on the campaign against Greenwalt can be found at
According to news media, Greenwalt's home and car were vandalized and the letters "ALF" were allegedly scrawled on the property, which is usually associated with the Animal Liberation Front, an anonymous underground organization that liberates animals  and engages in economic sabotage against animal abusers.  Traditionally, these actions are "claimed" by the ALF by contacting  animal rights groups, but so far no one has claimed responsibility.
 The Feldmann's have admitted to taking part in a non-violent protest outside of Greenwalt's home and they believe that they were mistakenly singled out after a witness wrote down Amy's license plate number as she was peacefully passing out animal rights literature and flyers in the neighborhood, preparing people for the event.
 On the day of the incident, a spokesperson for the couple issued the following statement: "The Feldmann's have no idea why they have been targeted, but they maintain their compassion for all living beings. This unfortunate event only emphasizes the fact that law enforcement continues to support the abusers, while terrorizing those with compassion for all life. We will not stand by and let this continue to occur."
Law enforcement officials have yet to identify the actual suspect and the case remains open.

[Thanks to Barbara Flaska from popmatters for the details]

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