Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I DON'T BUY MY RECORDS FROM THE RECORD SHOPS/ I TAPE THEM ALL OFF TOP OF THE POPS: Pretty Girls Make Graves are covering C30-C60-C90 go on their new single, which is excellent news. It can only mean a Chiefs of Relief reunion is weeks away.

We could never quite understand why Annabelle Lwin was happy with the quality she'd have been getting taping music off Top of the Pops in the early days of home taping - she'd have had to have held up her cassette recorder to the TV speaker, so even if she didn't mind the fact the audience going 'rrrray' everytime Stuart Adamson kicked a balloon into them would be forever on her tape, she'd also have to put up with all her recordings having her Nan cackling "What are you doing, Annabelle? Get your head down, I can't see the screen. Is that a boy or a girl?" and so quietly, but inaudibly, in the mix. We'd have waited until Sunday and recorded the songs off The Top 40 ("the most-listened to show in Europe") if it had been us.

Maybe PGMG will be updating it anyway - Modem-LAN-ISDN-Go!

I still dream of Garbage doing Sexy Eiffel Towers.

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