Wednesday, October 01, 2003

GREENWOOD GOES COXON: Now, we don't want to be seen as Casandras, but the news that Johnny Greenwood is about to release a solo album seems to us to be the first step towards the eventual disintegration of Radiohead. It may take another three or four years, but you mark our words - as soon as an integral member discovers what it feels like to make an album without having to listen to someone else's opinions on how he should be playing with his wah-wah pedal, you're into the endgame. Or at least looking like a little runt version of the band for the future (hello, the Blurs). It might be his solo album - called Bodysong, and some sort of soundtrack - that's being released, but really, it's preparing the ground for the Thom Yorke solo set sometime round 2007.

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