Thursday, October 30, 2003

HMV STONE COLD: Music chains across Canada have pulled Rolling Stones product from their shelves in protest at the band sign an exclusive deal with Best Buy and Future Shops for their Forty Licks DVD. This is akin to them only knocking out the title through Currys and Comet in the UK, although Best Buy is a far bigger presence in the North American music retail sector than any of the British fridge-to-telly stores. We can uderstand HMV and the others being royally pissed off at the move, but we're left wondering if they're not just being a little nose-cutty face-spitey here - sure, it's a pain that they can't sell the new DVD, but its shit and of the Old Stones. They should really make a feature of it, and push the stuff they have on their racks by the Young Stones - they could call the campaign 'Want your kicks? Stick to their under-40 licks' and I bet they'd do a bomb; they'd be making a point far more sharply, getting a jibe in that will hurt the band a lot more, and they'll still have something to sell. As it is, people will turn up, ask for the DVD, be told no. And then they'll say "Oh… well, have you got any other Stones stuff? I've always quite fancied getting Their Satanic Majesties on CD… oh… no rolling stones stuff at all? Oh… goodbye…"

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