Wednesday, October 01, 2003

IF THIS FAILS, THEY'RE GOING TO TRY SWITCHING TO A SEVEN INCH FORMAT: Okay, so here are the new rules for the chart starting from January 1st 2004 - singles, which only had two tracks until the 1980s, when they had four (which used to be known as an ep) until a couple of years ago when they reduced to merely three, will now only have two tracks. The things which used to be singles will become known as "maxidiscs", although, of course, since they'll only have three tracks and something less than twenty minutes music on them are in no way making use of the maximum seventy-odd minutes space on the disc. Both singles and maxidiscs will be eligible for the charts, along with one extra format. All clear?

Official Chart Company chairman Richard Wootton says "This project is a perfect example of how retailers and record companies can work together for the good of the industry."

Not a word, you'll notice, about the poor beleagured customer.

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