Monday, October 27, 2003

JULIE CHRISTIE UNAVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: H from Steps has quit music - probably in a pretty similar fashion to the way the Argentinians dropped their claims of sovereignty over the Malvinas, i.e. rather quietly after having been ejected from the place a few years before. So, what's his plan now? Well, you know how it is with career changes, you ignore the fact that your mum's circled the adverts for Short Order Chefs and Forklift Drivers in the local freesheet, and start to fantasise wildly.
Over to H: "I would really like to be an actor and I have enrolled in a one-year postgraduate acting course. I am really enjoying it. My friends think I am mad but I have always felt this is where my future lies. I would love to try for parts in films or plays like Billy Liar but not in musicals. I am completely over music for now."

The question is, if H always felt his future lay in acting, how did he end up in Steps? And, more to the point, when Steps exploded in mid-air and Lisa Scott-Lee had grabbed the only parachute, why did H not think then "Well, I've always wanted to be an actor, now's my chance?" Funny that he only remembered about this life-long dream when the man delivering the self-assembly solo career didn't show up at the front door.

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