Wednesday, October 15, 2003

POOOM! ANOTHER RIAA CHARGE BLOWS UP IN ITS FACE: The RIAA reckons Ross Plank was fileswapping latin love songs. Except he doesn't speak Spanish, doesn't like latin music and claims not to even have had kazaa on his computer when he was meant to have been colluding to prevent Ricky Martin from adding a fifth bathroom to his house.

Meanwhile, Senator Norm Coleman has called for new legislation to stop the RIAA demanding silly money from its sue-ees: "I can tell you that $150,000 per song is not reasonable, and that's technically what you can put in front of somebody. That forces people to settle when they may want to fight, but they're thinking, 'Goodness, gracious, what am I going to face?'"

Mind you, if O2 could get away with charging that for a music download, chances are it surely would.

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