Saturday, October 11, 2003

WE OFFER: 'DUBBYA DUBBYA DUBBYA - OUT OUT OUT', TO THE TRADITIONAL TUNE: So, today is Bands Against Bush international day of action, with things planned all over the place for today as part of the ongoing campaign to use music to oppose, well, everything Bush stands for. If there's a fault with the campaign, it's probably all there in the mission statement, which is basically "We're using music to fight Bush because we're against his policies" at the head of a long screed about being how inclusive they are and everything. Yeah, it's great including everyone of any colour, shag-taste or genitals, but - what the hell is that doing on the front page? If you're using the structures of music, learn the lessons of music - keep it punchy and simple. It goes without saying that you're a wonderful, inclusive group. But that's not your mission.

Having said which, if you can get past the smell of endless steering committees and making sure that everyone feels part of the struggle, anything that gets people off their asses and thinking about exactly what having a Bush in the White House means has to be a good thing.

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