Saturday, November 15, 2003

BONO - HE'S A GREAT GUY: We suspect he might only go places where people will cheer him these days - Bono has done an after-dinner speech for the Candian Liberal Party convention. Not, of course, that he supports the Liberal Party: "I'm not a supporter of the Liberal Party. I'm not a supporter of any political party. I like parties though." Yeah, Bono, making a high-profile appearance at a Party Convention is in no way giving your support to that party, is it? Curiously Bono is happy to lecture Canada about the need for free trade, and what of George Bush, the President who has slapped 30% tariffs on imported steel, supported textile tariffs; stuck them on lumber and given market-distorting subsidies to American airline companies. Oh, and there was the farm bill, which overturned all the market-freeing reforms of the 1990s. And so on. In fact, if you wanted to help out free trade, the best thing you could do would be unseat Bush. And you don't do it by offering him photo opportunities like, ooh, lets say, this one:

can anyone kiss your hand?

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