Tuesday, November 11, 2003

IF A CAREER COLLAPSES AND NOBODY IS THERE, DOES IT MAKE A SOUND?: We knew times were getting tough for Madonna, but we didn't realise quite how tough. This email has been spamming its way around YahooGroups:

From: "Jeffrey Kee"
Date: Mon Nov 10, 2003 2:19pm
Subject: Madonna's New Single, NOTHING FAILS
"Nothing Fails" audio:
Low: http://www.warnerreprise.com/asx/madonna_nothingfails_56-a.asx
High: http://www.warnerreprise.com/asx/madonna_nothingfails_128-a.asx
If you like this song, please request for it at your local radio stations now!
On rotation at these stations:
WZEE-FM Madison, WYOY-FM Jackson, KRBV-FM Dallas, WYKS-FM Gainesville, WPRO-FM Providence, KHTT-FM Tulsa, WERZ-FM Portsmouth, KIIS-FM Los Angeles, WAYV-FM Atlantic City, WXKS-FM Boston, WZKL-FM Canton, WVYB-FM Daytona Beach, KSII-FM El Paso, KCDU-FM Monterey/Salinas, WINK-FM Ft. Myers, KLLC-FM San Francisco, KKPN-FM Corpus Christi, KHOP-FM Modesto/Stockton, WQSX-FM Boston
Pre-order Madonna's "Nothing Fails/Love Profusion/Nobody Knows Me"
Maxi-Single: http://www.amazon.com/exec/ [... ] -20
Release Date: December 9, 2003
If you're interested in supporting Madonna's new single, please email me at jeffreykee@m...
Jeffrey Kee

That's right... the old dear has run so low on her battery power there's some godawful streetteam trying to spark up a bit of interest. What makes is even sadder is they're able to draw up a very short list of stations who like the new single enough to play it. Do you remember when Madonna singles used to be an event, a time to save up pocket money and to clear the diary? Now it's down to some old queen sticking out spams saying "They quite like it on a radio station in Fort Myers." Madonna, honey, even getting a downstairs licking from Britney isn't going to save you know.

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