Saturday, November 15, 2003

IF YOU'RE GOING TO TAKE ON CATS, YOU BETTER HAVE THE BALLS TO DO IT: So, Clay Aiken has talked himself into a trap - a few months ago he attempted to secure a reputation for himself by announcing that he'd driven over his kitten and killed it. PETA thought this was a bit of a disturbing thing for someone in his position to be promoting as acceptable behaviour. They wrote to him for clarification if he really was a twat who tortured animals to death, or just wanted people to think he was, but he never replied. So, when the people behind Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (something to do with Conan O'Brien, apparently) suggested they make Clay the butt of a the gag on their neutering campaign, PETA said why not?

Now, of course, Clay is all upset as he feels the campaign is impugning his manhood. Erm... yes, Clay, that would be the joke, actually. Is it making you cry? Like... like a girl?
[Thanks to the wonderful Claire Angel De Leon for the tip]

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