Wednesday, November 12, 2003

MELISSA AUF DER MAUR GIVES US TINKER'S CUTS: Perpetually former-Pumpkins and Hole bassist Auf der Maur is set to release her debut solo album. Only she's decided to make it eponymous, which means it's going to be most bloody awkward record title ever to spell - Melissa An Dem Marr by Mellisa Au Der Marre or variants thereof, we're almost certain to end up calling it. Melissa says she "sings like a girl" (not that that's stood in Robbie William's way) but promises something melodic and heavy. It's got Josh Homme on it, but then he seems to be filling in the Jarvis Cocker role of turning up on everything to the left of mainstream these days. And she's dug out a couple of tracks she wrote when she was in the Tinkers back when she was nineteen. She claims they've held up, though, and even if they haven't, I guess most of us of a certain age will have a sneaking admiration that she did anything in her teenage years that she can look at years later and not feel a total show about.

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