Tuesday, November 11, 2003

SHE REALLY DOES DO EVERY BLOODY THING A WEEK AFTER BRITNEY, DOESN'T SHE?: Just like Britney last week, Christina has pulled out of her UK dates and gone home. Apparently she's got bronchitis, which goes to prove your mam was right when she said if you go out dressed like this:

this is my corner, bitch

... you're going to get a chill. We've not got very much to say about the MTV awards, by the way, except that Aguilera had all those costume changes and not one of them was any good - you'd have thought by the law of averages that at least one of them would have been a cool costume, wouldn't you? And it took two midriff revealing outfits before we realised it wasn't some sort of icky, plastic, shiny beige material but her actual stomach. The other revelation of the night was that Christina can't deliver a comic line to save her life - like Thatcher, it's apparent she's been told the words she is saying has a humourous element to them, but she's incapable of knowing exactly what it is; the end result is a line trotted out with a "is this the funny bit? this bit?" uncertainty. Absolutely dreadful as a presenter, but still a million times better than Ali G the year before (who delivered lines devoid of humour as if he was Max Miller.)

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