Tuesday, November 11, 2003

STAY TOGETHER: Brett says that Suede could work together again at some point in the future "once he gets his 'demon' back." If that's all it would take, why doesn't he just give his - ahem - demon dealer a ring?

Brett's full message reads: "There's obviously been a lot of emotion and rumours flying around over the last few days so I thought I'd try and set the record straight on a couple of things.
Firstly I'd like everyone to know that this decision was based purely on creative reasons.
Personally I feel that the only way to escape the artistic dead end I have found myself in is to work at least for a while outside the band.
There has been speculation about record sales and chart positions but the bottom line is I need to do whatever it takes to get my demon back.
I know that a lot of people will never be able to understand this. I'd like them to know that this is not a decision we have entered into lightly and ask them to trust that ultimately the band know what is best for Suede.
Finally you should all know that we will remain good friends and that I can genuinely see us working together again. What we have done has been too special to just throw away.

So, there you are, then, it's a totally creative decision and anything you may have thought - about them being forced into releasing a greatest hits because Sony wasn't going to put up any more cash for an album after the load they blew on A New Morning, about the band being "gutted" by that greatest hits only reaching 31 (although it's not really surprising, like Pulp, most of their audience would have had all of the tracks to begin with), anything about the band being pissed off that Sony refused to bundle b-sides with the Greatest Hits - all of that can be written off as being little more than a Prince getting wanked off by his manservant. Apparently.

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