Thursday, November 13, 2003

VH2 - IT'S NEW: Coming from the people who brought you VH1 (i.e. MTV) this December, it's a whole new channel. VH2 seems to be designed to be 6Music to VH1's Radio 2 (if the numbers aren't getting too confusing here), playing stuff for people who are old enough to remember when five pound notes had George Stephenson on them, but who are still refusing to believe that the future is shaped like Celine Dion and the Behind The Music on Shania Twain. The name they've been murmuring to give you an idea is 'The White Stripes', so we're guessing that the real aim is to take the strain off MTV2, which has been struggling to be both Kerrang and The Amp simultaneously. We're also guessing it'll mean that MTV2 will become a much noisier sort of place in the new year.

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