Tuesday, December 02, 2003

BIGGER THAN ANYTHING: That the US Networks chose to run the limited information they had as not just the main story the day of the HSBC and British Consulate bombing, but the only story, is perhaps unsurprising, if a little disappointing - adding to the feeling that only terrorism against American targets actually 'counts'. But with the family under seige, you'd have to question the wisdom of Jermaine 'father of Jermajesty' Jackson popping up at the UN to try and promote an Aids awareness event. In terms of bringing attention to the matter, Ashanti (the other celeb at the launch) would have been more than capable of bringing in the cameras by herself, and it was surely obvious that the presence of one of the Jackson siblings would have only taken the focus away from the World health crisis. That Jermaine ran off mid-conference really made things far worse - a less egocentric man would have just sat there and waited until the press got bored. An ego-free man would have had the good taste not to turn up at all. Once again, the sense is that the real cause was about the aggrandisement of the promoters rather than the promotion of the cause.

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