Friday, December 05, 2003

WELL YOU CAN HAVE THIS LAPDANCE HERE FOR FREE: Estelle is 'the woman rapper taking on lapdancing' says the BBC News Online Magazine, although it actually seems she's more worried about half-naked women being slapped into gangsta rap videos as part of the bling. Curiously, she says it was her little sister asking why you never saw half naked men in these videos (eh? Does R Kelly even own a shirt, except for court appearances?) that inspired the music, but she decided not to make the obvious video because having buck-naked men shaking their asses would "trivialise" the whole point of her song. But the track does challenge men to strip off if that's what they want women to do, so surely the message would be reinforced by such a video? We're not given an answer, as before we can actually find out why showing men poledancing would be trivial when telling men to get 'em off is political, the article careers off in another direction. Presumably media spellcheckers have an alert programmed in for the word 'lapdancing' which underlines the text in wiggly green and pops up a message "GRAMMAR: Mention of lapdancing with no quote from Peter Stringfellow and/or lipstick lesbianism", as they then run a series of contradictory (rather than balanced) claims and quotes about how women like lapdancing, except they don't, and they like looking at other women, but that doesn't mean they like looking at women and… it all sort of rumbles to halt.

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