Thursday, December 04, 2003

WHAT PEOPLE'S KNICKERS ARE TWISTED ABOUT: The latest Broadcasting Standards Commission report has a few music-related items in it. U're Music apoligised for playing Smack Ma Bitch Up at teatime - it was a mistake, they said, and so got off unscolded. A viewer was worried that CD:UK were giving away tickets to Eminem gigs at a time when children might be watching, but the BSC didn't seem arsed about it. And people actually moaned that the Pop Idol trails featured animated animals being injured - although nobody complained about the more serious mutilation of defenceless songs in the programme proper.

Most curious of all, though, is an item skated over in brief at the end under the listing of items considered to not merit any further investigation - not the Sara Cox complaint, we'd imagine that the BSC waved that one aside to avoid having to listen to a tape of her show. What we want to know is: Just what exactly was it about an opinion poll on 5 Live which lead someone to feel it was offensive?

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