Friday, January 09, 2004

EXPLOITING BACK CATALOGUE LIKE AN ALBANIAN PROSTITUTE: The Music Industry has come up with another way of flogging back the same stuff to people all over again ("has latched on to a new market sector") as the Greatest Hits album is reborn as the Number Ones Album. After The Beatles released theirs, and then Elvis did his, now Diana Ross and The Supremes are the latest act to have an album dedicated to their chart toppers, raising the inevitable prospect of a stream of albums from any act which has had more than two number ones in their careers - mmm, can't wait for the Westlife one. Naturally, one wouldn't want to be caught carping at any move which reminds people just how brilliant the Supremes were, and any record which will direct some cash in the direction of the surviving BeeGees and perhaps spare them the indignity of wanking for coins on shows like Fame Academy has to be a positive move. But don't say you weren't warned.

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