Thursday, January 01, 2004

NOISES OFF: Although it's apparent that the Tatu jig is up, their management seem reluctant to let them go, and are keeping them alive through a series of stunts in which the women themselves don't actually appear - a bit like that programme on Margo from the Good life that was on last night, only even more rubbish. So, the whole Tatu to run for president of Russia story is cooked up without the actual need for either Yulia or Lena to appear. They have to stand together so their totalled ages takes them over the minimum needed to run for office in Russia and because "we cannot separate the girls," according to the spokesman - which is funny since it's clear they've not been in the same room for several months. We kind of like the idea of the band continuing like Snatch Foster, doing things but always only in reported speech. It's certainly better than watching them.

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