Wednesday, January 28, 2004

RADIO ONE DOWN FURTHER?: As if the BBC doesn't have enough to worry about, what with Hutton and preparing a dressing room for Graham Norton, Kelvin McKenzie and his alternative radio ratings system suggests that Radio One's audience has slumped some more - his figures claim that Radio One's weekly reach of just under twelve million, a loss of million on the previous quarter. McKenzie claims his magic wrist-watch method of counting listeners is better than the official method - getting people to tick little boxes in a book - employed by Rajar, but it's not clear if his figures include people listening to Radio One programmes through the 'listen again' features (a large number of marginal listeners - such as Peel's audience - seem to be doing this more and more; since they don't tend to listen to other shows that has the potential to damage the network's apparent reach); and it suggests that nearly seven million people listen to Talk Sport, which seems to anecdotally unlikely.

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