Saturday, January 24, 2004

THERE ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH BLOGS FILLED WITH DARK THOUGHTS: There are some artists who have a blog and you think "well, yes, they would" - Moby being in a case in port - and there are others who crop up in the world who are slightly surprising. Bob Mould, for example. It sounds like a Bob Mould blog would expect to sound, but its colourscheme, frankly, needs sorting out sharpish.

Talking of blogs and sorting out, we've done a spot of housekeeping on the list of 'other music blogs are available', down there on the left-hand side - because we tend to zoom in and out using favourites, we'd not really noticed how much link rot there was developing in there. We've lost the blogs that are no longer there, kicked out a couple which appear to have stopped totally; a few others we've moved down to the sleeping segment [shown by zzz>] because their archives offer a happy half hour or so in work avoidance; and we've generally buffed and cleaned and sparkled. It was inspired by a note from Nigel of the yes-no interlude alerting us that he's now amblongus. Blogs being what they are, we can't guarantee for more than 24 hours that the new 'other music blogs are available' list will work, but... for now...

And talking of other blogs, still, the voting is open for the 2004 Bloggies - in the music category, Popjustice is doing battle with Moby's personal journal (which we'd have said wasn't about music, just about Moby). Your country needs you. Or something.

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