Monday, February 09, 2004

I AM A SERIOUS ARTIST: Norah Jones has told her label to scrap a dancey remix of Don't Know Why. (Older readers will remember Norah as the Beyonce of the 2003 Grammy Awards.) Apparently, Norah dismissed the thought of anything as commercial as a dance mix with the words "The reason people liked it in the first place was that it wasn't commercial... I didn't sign to a classic jazz label to be pushed down everybody's throat." (So, probably not a good time to float the FHM photoshoot idea, Blue Note). It's a touching display of failing to understand how record labels work, isn't it? There's Norah, signing up thinking "ah, a proper record label - a life of artistic credibility" and Blue Note putting their name on the deal thinking "ah, a pretty young girl - crossover sales and perhaps a way of bringing new audiences in."

We're also enjoying the idea that Norah believes people are playing her single and going "this is so non-commercial, it's brilliant, innit?" "Yeah, I really dig its lack of accessability."

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