Friday, February 13, 2004

LOYAL TO THE BANK OF AMERICA: Following on from a New York Times story estimating Michael Jackson (yes, we're back with the brother) to be owing some USD70 million to the Bank of America alone, Jackson's manager Charles Koppelman has denied that Jacko is broke. Yes, he does have debts, but rich people do that, of course. You know, rich people like Robert Maxwell. And Jackson has the ability to "generate huge sums of money" - having to give them away to the parents of children he's never abused may be a bit of a problem, but, sure he can generate them. Although his ability to service his debts and renegotiate his loans and raise these luge sums might take a bit of a hit if his 2005 World Tour won't be able to get much beyond the exercise yard and the shower block - we'd like to see him trying to pay off the BOA with three eggs and a can of pineapple chunks pinched from the prison kitchens.

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