Friday, February 13, 2004

UNGUARDED MOMENTS: Maybe this is how it's done in America - when you miss a court date without explanation, you ring up Howard Stern to provide a reason. hat's what Courtney did - her rather pathetic reason for not showing in court was she didn't have a "professional bodyguard." Courtney, when your attorney said there was a risk the judge would throw the book at you, he wasn't talking about a real book. We're a little fuzzy as to why if there really was a need for a bodyguard, her lawyer didn't just say this in court on Tuesday rather than saying something vague about "security issues", which really came across as saying "Your honour, my client hasn't shown - could we have a three day recess to come up with a plausible reason why?" Love told Stern that she intends to plead not guilty, in the course of an interview which had beaten all comers for the most use of the bleeper (fifteen times in three minutes). Some listeners suggested they could smell booze coming out of their speakers, but Courtney insisted she was sober as a judge. It's not clear if she kept saying "I'm fine" in a squeaky voice before force feeding people fajitas.

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