Saturday, February 14, 2004

NAILS AND WAILS: More rumblings from the courtroom and beyond on the Spector case; Phil's defence team maintains they don't have to share the mystery evidence with the prosecution, while the Associated Press are claiming they've been told that the magic secret isn't one of Lana Clarkson's nails.

In other court news, the Judge in charge of Michael jackson kid-fid case has made it clear he wants the thing over and done with this year. The defence team are being all mysterious, suggesting that "serious issues" would have to be settled before even a preliminary hearing can be held. Judge Melville gave no ruling on the release or otherwise of the seized audio and video tapes taken from Neverland and Michael's gay porn friend, but suggested he'd be releasing edited versions of the search warrants sometime next week. Good news for the smoking gun, then.

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