Thursday, February 12, 2004

NO, NOW, WON'T DO: EMI has rejected the News of the World's proposed apology to Kylie and the label. The paper ran a feature on the singer claiming she was signing a new deal with her label for GBP35million, which turned out not to be true. It seems the News had run with the story on the basis of a single source - the kind of thing it's daily sister paper was very quick to condemn the BBC for after the Hutton report, so we're imaging that there's going to be a big splash on the front of The Sun tomorrow. The Press Complaints Commission ruled the story rubbish, and praised the NOW's deal with EMI to publish an apology in the same part of the paper that the story ran.

Only problem is, EMI claims it had never agreed to any deal, and wanted to have an apology that was more prominent than the story. Looks like it's now Murdoch's move.

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