Thursday, February 12, 2004

IT'S LIKE C-86 FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T REMEMBER WHAT A C-90 WAS: The We Love You rocky offshoot label from Wall of Sound has released an album that's so now, you can practically see your future in it, a compilation of new bands are their quirky take on the modern beat. Or something. We Love You, So You Love Us Three (and not 'love us there', as we kept thinking it said) offers these:

Electric 6 – ‘Synthesizer’
Mother And The Addicts – ‘They Don’t Even Like You’
Franz Ferdinand – ‘Darts Of Pleasure’
The Tropics – ‘Soon You’ll Be Mine’
Zoot Woman – ‘Woman Wonder’
Scissor Sisters – ‘Laura’
Fakesensations – ‘Selfish Girls Stay Thin’
Diefenbach – ‘Make Your Mind’
The Earlies – ‘Morning Wonder’
The Superimposers – ‘Would It Be Impossible’
The American Analog Set – ‘Hard To Find’
Grand National – ‘Playing In The Distance’
Whitey – ‘Why You Have To Be Me’
LCD Soundsystem – ‘Give It Up’
Ludes – ‘Your Dog Don’t Bark’

Very little there to trouble your fast-forward finger.

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