Wednesday, February 11, 2004

THE ONLY CHART THAT COUNTS?: So, the final stage in the transformation of Liverpool's brave stab at an alternative radio station into just another Top 40 format background drone has been reached; Juice 107.6 is now carrying the Hit40 ("sponsored by Woolworths") on Sunday evenings. We're not entirely sure how this will fit with their already watered down promise of perfomance [word doc] to only play "credible" chart music - is it going to be like when they started talking libel in the jungle? Does a voice kick in "We're sorry, but for legal reasons we're unable to bring you the number one single this week"? Or has Juice finally decided that all the people who worked to get the station its licence (when it was still Crash) have finally all given up and gone away and don't care anymore?

In other regional radio news, we notice that Steve Penk - once seriously tipped as a Radio One Breakfast show host of the future - has wound up back where he started, at Key103. Never mind, your star will live on in endless reruns of 'TV Naughty Slips' on the soon-to-be-launched ITV3.

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