Wednesday, February 11, 2004

TIMBERLAKE TO MAKE EDISON SCREW: You'd have thought he might want to spend some time not being in front of cameras for a while, but Justin Timberlake is going to try something where he can at least do a retake if things go tits-up. Or, indeed, tits-out. Having read some words off some envelopes ("cohosted the MTV Movie Awards") and done some really stretching acting which involved him being Justin Timberlake and getting hugged ("hosted Saturday Night Live"), Justin's decided he's now ready for a big acting gig, playing a reporter alongside Morgan Freeman and Kevin 'aren't you meant to be in London saving live theatre?' Spacey. Justin's apparently going to "shadow" a real reporter to get a feel for the demands of the role (we've heard rumours of a pad with the words 'TYPING - YES; DRINKING COFFEE - YES; FEDORA WITH 'PRESS' TICKET TUCKED INTO BAND - NO'), but they're not mentioning who it is in case it interferes with their day job. (Because, of course, nobody would blink twice if Justin Timberlake just turned up following one of the 3am girls around, but if they knew he was coming...).

Let's hope his performance is altogether more convincing than his denials that the Jackson breast moment was an accident.

In other breast news, the man who sold the nipple shield to Janet has revealed that she only wanted one, which makes it look even more likely that the plan all along was to show off one bosom. Worth USD120, apparently.

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