Friday, March 05, 2004

AH, BUT IS IT BETTER THAN SEEING DOUBLE?: Rachel Stevens has got a small role in Suzie Gold, the movie which might as well have the words "We thought 'lets make a British My Big Fat Greek Wedding, only with Jews, because, you know, it's similar, and Lesley Joseph was available - well, she's always available - and cheap'" displayed on the screen throughout. She's been letting daylight in on magic about the whole process:

"It was totally fictional."

Rrright... thanks, for that, Rach; we'll now know if we ever come across it on Living TV one afternoon that we won't treat it as a documentrary. But we're just being cynical, because she means compared to her previous body of work:

"It was really cool, it was very different, because in all the S Club stuff I played myself so it was nice to play something that was a bit different."

But weren't the S Club things about a successful, ballsy band making it big in America? Surely that was a bit more fictional, wasn't it? Anyway, this new role must be a major change, then. So, what is it?

"I play a stroppy pop star from a girlband called M5, and it's opposite Summer Phoenix. It's cool. I get to be all stroppy with her because she doesn't make my coffee right!"

So, yes, that's totally different from you in real life - because your band had boys in as well, didn't it? Stanilavsky will be proud.

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