Friday, March 05, 2004

BACK TO THE GRAVEYARD SLOT: The new looks for Radio 2 and 6 have been announced, with Mark Radcliffe returning to the familiar sounding 10.30 to Midnight, Monday to Thursday slot for Radio 2, with Mariella Frostrup taking the same slot on Fridays to talk about arts, although to be frank she could talk about anything she chooses, it's fine by us. Over on 6Music, the new schedule moves Liz Kershaw to weekends, with the lunchtime dailies being taken over by Vic McGlynn. Steve Lamacq shuttles back to Sundays, and Mark "Lard" Lardyboy will be doing his new show on Saturday. The Music Week is being taken over by Julie Cullen and Mark "former editor of Melody Maker*" Sutherland.

* - a music paper from the olden days

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