Monday, March 08, 2004

FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS: Tom Morello out of Audioslave and RATM has been leading protests outside the hq of Taco Bell, in a protest against the way the company treats its workers - or at least, the workers subcontracted on Taco Bell's behalf. The not-exactly-failing Taco Bell business brings in about five million bucks in revenue a year, and yet the people who pick the tomatos which give is salsa the zip it needs haven't had a payrise in two decades.

This should actually be good news for the people who still are pissed off at the Pepsi/iTunes special offer. So far, the best reason anyone could think of for being against the deal was that Pepsi's cola is "slowly poisoning" everybody. Which is a bit rubbish, because, apart from anything, it's not true. The protesters also tried to suggest that there was something scary in the fact that if you left a tooth in a glass of pepsi long enough, it would dissolve. Well, yes, it would, but it's never been recommended that you fill your mouth with cola before you go to bed; leaving your teeth in your stomach acid would have the same effect. In fact, it's interesting that nobody actually bothered to point to the way PepsiCo treats its staff (Taco Bell is one of their brands) or, indeed, their cosiness with the Burmese government.

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