Monday, March 08, 2004

THE MODEST MOUSE: The news that Timbaland will soon give up on music completely is a bit of a blow, but probably not as much of a blow as he thinks it is. In Timbaland's mind, the music industry needs him the way plants need the sun:

I think producers are bigger than the artists. We're responsible for the sound that they have. We give them direction and bring something out of the artists that they may not realize that they have.
When I came [on the scene], I was one of the people who started bringing the attention back to producers. I bought the flavor back to the meat, and I opened a lot of doors for artists and other producers. My producing style is this: "I am the music." The artist is the frontman for the producer.

Still, fair play to him, he still lets the artists have their name somewhere on the record. Pretty generous, when you think about it.

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