Monday, March 08, 2004

BACH'S BACK: Sebastian Bach, once of Skid Row, has had to deny he's looking for a new label after an incident with a chainsaw. No, really. In fact, the story is so wonderful, here it is, in his own words:

"[This is] complete & utter BULLSHIT. I am really, really pissed off right now.
"Two Sundays ago, I was out on the back of my property with my brand-new chain saw, having some fun. A gigantic oak had been felled by a recent storm & my 10-year-old son & I decided to spend the day together, me chain sawing the oak & splitting the wood, & my son piling it up in the wheelbarrow & hauling it back up to the deck. We spent all day doing this & by nightfall the deck was packed with firewood with not an inch to spare. We had a gigantic fire that night & all was well with the world.
"The next day, I absolutely could not move. My back was out — I never have any problems with my back whatsoever & it is rare for me to be immobile. I thought it would get better in a couple of days, but by that Friday it was still not showing any signs of improvement. So I booked an appointment with Dr. Grabelle, my doctor for the last 10 years or so. Although it was an effort even getting out of the car & into the doctor's office, I got myself in there because I had to drive to Boston in the next couple of days to finish the DVD, & basically I have no time to be immobile right now. Dr. Grabelle came in the room & asked me about me what was wrong, filled out a prescription, & then immediately launched into a 20-minute history lesson about how his son was 'really big in the music business, too.' As I sat there, in pain, I nodded my head & rolled my eyes at my wife, who was in the room with us, as Dr. Grabelle went on & on about his son's record label, how much money he has, blah blah blah. To humor the man, & to get out of the Dr.'s office to fill my prescription to get some relief, I congratulated his son on his success & said jokingly something to the effect of, 'If he has a million dollars or so & wants to sign me up , tell him to give me a call,' as I hobbled out of the doctor's office & made the painful trek back to the car outside.
"Now there is a story on, a site that I enjoy & frequent regularly, about my Dr.'s son saying that I am looking for a new record label!!!!! Yes, being famous is fun, but I have to say that it is shit like this that makes what I do an extreme challenge sometimes. I think I should be able to go to a Dr.'s office & get medical treatment, like anyone else, right? BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I have to listen to complete drivel about bands & music & record labels I have never heard of, & could give a fuck less about, when all I want is a little relief for a sore back. And as far as 'doctor/patient confidentiality' goes, I guess if you a rock musician you are out of luck!
"For the record: NO I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A NEW RECORD LABEL. I am completely happy & content with the record label [Spitfire Records] I am signed to right now. You will see how happy I am on May 18 when the first-ever Sebastian Bach DVD hits the stores — the 'FOREVER WILD' DVD is something which I am %100 proud of & you will see why on May 18!
"Oh yeah — Dr. Grabelle — me & my 'super-hot wife' will not be requiring your 'services' anymore."

So, the message is clear, then - always take care when working in the garden. Or something.

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