Friday, March 12, 2004

KELLY PIX NIXED: The team defending R Kelly has managed to get fourteen photos dismissed as evidence in one of the two child porn cases facing him. The judge hearing the Florida accepted the defence claims that the pictures were illegally uncovered during a search for drugs, which prompted Kelly to announce "I've always had faith in our system of justice, and I do believe justice was done here today. As I've said before, I am confident that when all the facts are brought out, people will see that I'm no criminal." Which is all well and good, but sort of misses the point: if he's so convinced he's done nothing wrong, why is he afraid of the photos being used in evidence? Surely a person who knows he's in the right wouldn't be bothered by the photos - he might shrug and say "well, the police shouldn't have them, but... what the hell?"

The prosecution are appealing; Kelly still faces a further twelve charges in Chicago.

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