Thursday, March 25, 2004

LET'S HOPE THOM YORKE BREAKS HIS FINGER OFF ANYWAY: With a heart sinking at the certainty that someone, somewhere is already dubbing this "fingergate", the whole world is abuzz with the question Did Simon Cowell give Paula Abdul the finger, or do you not give a fuck. Oddly, since Cowell's whole persona is supposedly based around this blunt character who doesn't mince his words, Simes seems incredibly outraged that anyone could think him capable of doing such a thing:

"I certainly would never make a gesture like that toward Paula or on national television. Sometimes I lean on my index finger. Sometimes a different finger. Sometimes two at the same time, or, God help me, even the whole hand. I never even thought about it until now."

Yeah, good god that you should find a reputation for making playground gestures should start to replace your current reputation for telling sixteen year old girls that they look shit, sing shit, are shit and that their dreams of being popstars are so misplaced the only way they'll ever get near to celebrity is being allowed to suck the cock of the least clean roadie in return for a glimpse through the backstage door crack at a Bros reunion tour. I mean, getting your jollies pissing on the dreams of kids is one thing, but you wouldn't want to be thought of as being a little impulsive.

Curiously, the main fuel for this particular fire has come from the Drudge report - no, really. Obviously time weighs heavy since Clinton stepped down.

the precise level of nothing that the fuss is about

Naturally, the FCC have decided this sort of thing is something they need to look into. Naturally.

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