Thursday, March 25, 2004

MTV BLINKS FIRST: MTV has backed down in its battle with indie labels, having calculated that they really were prepared to wipe Eminem-to-White Stripes off their networks. Viacom has returned to collective bargaining, and sent an open letter from MTV's "David" Brent Hansen:

"Don't get me wrong - we still fundamentally believe that collective licensing does not serve the best interests of independent labels as they relate to MTV," Mr Brent said in the letter.
"Direct deals offer many significant benefits and we remain convinced at the strength of our case - and unconvinced by the arguments and tactics of the VPL and AIM.
However, in the interests of supporting the issues that the indies have raised and in a genuine effort to reach a resolution we have decided to return to the negotiating table with the VPL."

You see, smaller labels - they're only doing it in your best interests. Of course it would be better for you to negotiate individual deals - because you're going to have much more leverage as a label representing a couple of welsh indie bands than as part of an industry group representing a couple of hundred Top 40 artists, aren't you?

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