Tuesday, March 09, 2004

NEW SOUNDS, NEW STYLES: Meet some new acts: First, HK119. She's kind of what you'd get if you took a slug of Grace Jones and pulped it into a Peaches album. There's something a little like a Roxy Music album cover about her as well. Worth investigating.

It's not surprising that The Movement have got a spot on the Jude Law Alfie remake movie soundtrack; you could picture them slipping in comfortably in the background of the original. They don't fall into the usual trap of the mod-influenced of refusing to pretend that anything has happened in the music industry over the last forty years (usually, mod-flavoured bands come across like the Amish when offered a chance to update their sound). They're about to take back the rights to a record they made for a label that went bust and things seem to be on the up for them. Plus, they've got a very cute lead singer.

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