Tuesday, March 09, 2004

DID I LISTEN TO POP MUSIC BECAUSE I WAS MISERABLE, OR WAS I MISERABLE BECAUSE I LISTENED TO POP MUSIC?: The Songs That Saved Your Life - 6Music's poll to discover the music that Britain mopes to has drawn up a top twenty of songs that are there when everything else has gone down. And it's a mix of infinity jumpers of misery to pull over your head and 'pull yourself together, a dance will make things better' tracks. And, somehow, Bowling for Soup are at number two.

Leading off the list, of course, is The Smiths, and I Know Its Over, and as you'd expect, Thom Yorke's in there, too:

1. The Smiths - I Know it's Over 17.55%
2. Bowling For Soup - Girl all the Bad Guys Want 12.68%
3. REM - Everybody Hurts 10.41%
4. The Cure - Pictures of You 10.06%
5. Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees 9.08%
6. Joy Division - Love Will Tear us apart 8.19%
7. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb 5.85%
8. Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up 4.06%
9. Blur - This is a Low 3.43%
10= The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine
& Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge 2.49%
12. Tori Amos - China 2.27%
13. Portishead - Glory Box 2.24%
14. Al Green - Tired of Being Alone 1.79%
15. Mercury Rev - The Dark is Rising 1.65%
16. Lou Reed - Pale Blue Eyes 1.58%
17. Spiritualized - Stop Your Crying 1.3%
18. The Darkness - I Believe in a thing Called Love 1.05%
19. Faithless - Insomnia -1.02%
20. Polyphonic Spree - Light & Day 0.81%

Do people really put the Beatles on to perk themselves up? "I stick them on, and think about John being shot, and George having his doctor force him to sign guitars as his insides gave out, and Paul having to have sex with heather Mills, and Ringo... oh god, where's the Smiths?"

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