Friday, March 12, 2004

NO NO DOUBT: Gwen Stefani is getting down to producing her first dance album, the solo project she's chosen now No Doubt have split or gone or hold or whatever. This will, of course, be a vital chance to discover exactly what the blokes in No Doubt brought to the band, apart from a few extra ways to split up the cash every month. Apparently we can expect something that sounds like a cross between Lisa Lisa, Prince and Club Nouveau. So, something that sounds like Prince it is, then. Those of you who take notes will recall a lot of fuss about thirty years ago when Gwen announced her LAMB fashion label - apparently nothing has got to the shops yet, but is promised soon: "It is very exciting for me. It has been a project I have been working on for over two years. It is an interesting process because by the time the clothes come out they seem almost old to me." Yes, we're expecting to have a similar feeling, too.

Don't forget her handbag sideline, either: "I just signed on to do one more season with LeSportsac. I couldn'tÂ?t say no. It is really funny to see everyone with the bags." We're taking that as funny-ha-ha-people-actually-bought-them-for-money-which-I-get-haw-haw, rather than funnypeculiarr.

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