Monday, March 08, 2004

ROCK AGAINST RACISM: In the slew of comebacks we're currently experiencing, it's a bit of a shame that Rock Against Racism is having to regroup. But with the BNP - oh, sorry, you're not racist, of course, are you? - on the rise, a spot of anti-racism is probably timely and the Libertines are set to headline an anti-racism gig at the Astoria on March 16th. Also on the bill for Love Music, Hate Racisum are The Buzzcocks, 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster, miss Black America and The Others. "For evil to triumph, all that is neccessary is that good people do nothing" warns Pete Doherty, although we suspect that might not be entirely his own thought.

On the other hand, Pete might have a few issues to work through first, having had what he called 'a bit of a strop' at the end of the Libs three nights at Brixton Academy. The silly boy broke his guitar, as well. They're not bloody cheap, you know.

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