Saturday, March 13, 2004

SAVING FACE: It seems the threat to The Face is very real indeed, but the magazine isn't going to let EMAP close it down without a fight. They've used their magazine mailing list to rally the troops:

Dear friends and readers

THE FACE is under threat of closure. Profits have been down, and our parent company Emap is currently reviewing the future of the magazine.

THE FACE has always stood for discovering and promoting the best in creative talent within British and international pop culture. You can help ensure it can continue to do so.

We would like you to write a letter of support, addressed to the editor, Neil Stevenson (email it to: We will pass your letter on to the Emap executives.

A two-line letter is enough, but if you're feeling creative, please email a small digital photo of yourself holding a copy of the magazine. If you would rather we didn't republish your letter, please say so.
We need our letters by the end of Tuesday 16th.

Thank you,

Now, we don't think The Face has been at the top of its game for a while, but it's had a really important position in British culture - there was nothing quite like it before it arrived, and we believe there's have been no Kate Moss without it, for a start - and we like to think it's got life in it yet. Perhaps the best it can hope for it EMAP sells it on rather than closes it down, but surely got to be worth a try?

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