Friday, March 05, 2004

SPEARS HITS ARIZONA: Live Daily had a spot of trouble knowing how to describe Touch of My Hand, which you or I would say is Brit's Wanking Hymn. Live settled on "self-fulfilment song", which sounds more like the sort of thing Outward Bound would be encouraging than about flicking your bits. Clearly, Live Daily's Christina Fuoco was disgusted by the whole affair, which makes you wonder if she reads her own website's material, as anyone who'd seen any of the reviews of the opening night in San Diego would have struggled to be surprised by the set recurring in Glendale. Unless, maybe, they were thinking that backstage Britney had thrown a tantrum demanding the rubberwear be replaced by light, flowing cotton robes. Fuoco reported "stunned parents" leaving the auditorium.

In other Britney news, she looks like she might be losing her role as Daisy Duke to Jessica Simpson, which would make some sort of sense. It'd be hard to try and picture Britney pulling off that won't-but-might look which, really, we can see Jessica rising too. We're still hoping for Henry Rollins for Boss Hogg, though.

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