Saturday, March 13, 2004

THERE WERE OSMONDS, LITTLE OSMONDS, EVERYWHERE: What happens when the FCC cracks down on obscenity on the radio: You get Marie Osmond presenting radio shows instead. And here's what she's promising:

"It's safe radio. That's one of the things we're going for is to be safe, and funny and clever and quick-witted without getting to the blue side. It's informative and it's fun and we're a little crazy but it's something you don't feel like you have to explain to your 6-year-old later in the evening, and try to fill her in on information that she's too young to understand."

Mmm... safe, and "a little crazy." If only we could get the show here in England, it sounds so good I'd be following Britney into the bathroom with a big bottle of Calpol.

If you need an example of what Osmond views as "the blue side", you have to look no further than her description of the Jackson/Breast incident:

"We all have choices. You have to be 21 to be able to go into a strip bar. Why are you bringing the strip bar into my living room?"

Maybe in Utah, the strip bars do go no further than a quick flash of a demurely covered nipple. But I'll bet they don't do much business.

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