Saturday, March 27, 2004

YOU JUST HAVEN'T EARNED IT YET, BABY: If you're reading our piece yesterday on the BPI's earnest desire that people don't steal music because it hurts the people who make music, you might want to balance it with, say, these words from DMX about just how those record labels support their talent:

The highest paid artists get 18 cents off a dollar, and the record company still owns their product even though they've paid for it.
It's like straight robbery, straight robbery. They give you nothing, everything is an advance. But they offer it to you, you know. 'Hey, we was looking at the new Range Rover, we thought it would be a great idea if we got it for you.' They get it for you, you look on your P&L (profit and loss) report, you've got $80,000 and like 'thank you' - you end up thanking yourself."

Remember, when the record labels start to talk about morality, it's like being lectured on happy marriages by Bluebeard.

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