Thursday, April 15, 2004

EMI DENY EVERYTHING: EMI, who are currently suing hiphop label Avatar in the US has issued an angry denial of claims that the UK based major label had been claiming over-inflated sales figures. Buried in their official statement, however, is a hint that maybe someone, somewhere along the line has been massaging some sales:

"EMI wishes to clarify the nature of the false allegations made against EMI in connection with EMI's suit against Avatar Records for non-payment of amounts due. Neither Avatar nor any other person has alleged that EMI has misstated its revenues from sales and in fact EMI has never misreported its sales in its accounts or elsewhere. The allegations relate only to the behavior of certain independent marketing consultants in respect of the manipulation of the US chart position of a limited set of recordings, as determined by the Nielsen SoundScan. EMI categorically denies these allegations."

Is it just us, or is there something odd about bothering to clairfy allegations while at the same time rejecting them?

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